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RitaVPN helps you to unblock websites in your network from around the globe. Provides unrestricted access to the web by allowing you to unblock websites. Get access to your favorite websites and content like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that be blocked in your country from anywhere and anytime.

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Protect Online Security

RitaVPN prevents your emails, photos, social media passwords, online bank acounts and other sensitive information from being hacked with strong encyption when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots like airports, cafes or school.

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Enjoy Any Content

RitaVPN changes your IP address to bypass the geo-restriction so that you can unblock websites and defeat censorship, make accessing your favorite websites, streaming on the excellent platforms like Netflix and Hulu are available from anywhere all over the world.

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What people are saying about RitaVPN


I use RitaVPN to watch Netflix, I also recommend it to my Indian friend, now he can watch Hotstar although he is not in India. It's wonderful!


I love ritavpn! It makes me feel safe surfing the Internet. I need to travel a lot, having ritavpn while using public wifi really makes me feel safe.


I enjoyed calling my girlfriend with WhatsApp, thank you RitaVPN!


Irishman is fantastic! I am satisfied with ritavpn, it connects me to Netflix, wonderful


I am too excited!!! My daughter taught me to use it, she is abroad, now I can finally do video chat with her via WhatsApp! I like RitaVPN!


It helps unblock websites I could not use before. It's useful, will stick to it.


I'm satisfied with this app, thank you.


Just finished a video call with my girlfriend! Ritavpn really helps a lot! It's convenient for making calls.


I find ritavpn very helpful for visiting blocked websites. Have recommended it to my friends.


I mainly use it for watching videos. Rita vpn's specific line for Netflix works very well.


I like Ritavpn’s service for video streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and even the recent Disney+. I just finished watching Why Women Kill with Ritavpn. Very good.


I am impressed with RitaVPN. It’s fast, secure and easy to use. If you are looking for a VPN service, I highly recommend RitaVPN.


This works nicely when I travel in different countries and use public WIFI. Feel secure with Ritavpn.


With RitaVPN, I can stream Netflix from anywhere in the world, no matter at home or travel abroad. That’s cool!


The video call quality is very good with RitaVPN. It helps me to keep in touch with my friends abroad.


I like it, good app, often use it to surf internet anonymously.


It's going very well on my phone and computer. With RitaVPN’s protection, I feel more secure while surfing the internet.


I highly recommend this app. I successfully downloaded the apps only available in US app store. Very satisfied!


An excellent experience with RitaVPN, easy-to-use and high-speed, I will defenitely use it for a long time.


The installation is easy, connection process is also with just a few taps, I haven’t experienced any issues up to now. Good vpn service.


Ritavpn helps protect my personal information like credit card information, with it I can shopping online without fearing my personal information will be leaked.


Nice ui and fast connection speed.


My job need me travel abroad frequently. I use RitaVPN to protect my privacy and have voice call with my family.


Honestly, this is the best one i ever used! Thank you RitaVPN developer.


I have downloaded many TV series and movies with ritavpn, its speed is efficient.


Awesome app, hide your ip and protect your data. Good job!


Use it a lot for Skype voice call. Great app.


The Internet connection of RitaVPN is very stable, it works better than many bigger brands I have tried.


I often using RitaVPN when booking flights or hotels online. It helps me find a fair price.


Million thanks... I definitely recommend it to anyone.

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